How I Met My Boyfriend?


I meet Andre (my bf, trans oriented man) in a dating site of a Transgender site. He is from Italy, Web Developer, Internet Marketing and Web Marketing Specialist. Were chatting in a couple of months. And then I found out that he is one of the moderator in the site. We chatting everyday and telling and getting to know to each other. I tell about my self to him about my past. We meet in real last June 23,2015.

When I’m waiting him at the airport I feel nervous and excited,my heart beat like a drum mix emotions,a moment that I’m waiting he arrived.I see him he look at me in waiting area he wearing a white T-shirt and Pants I’m very happy to see him in real, he comes with me at the waiting area and he kiss me.I can’t explain my feelings on that moment I feel like Dreaming,I see him in his eyes that he is very happy that finally we meet in real.

From the airport we went to the apartment he booked for 10days. We stay there for a couple of weeks and live together. After 10 days I bring him to my bording house and stay there for almost  2 weeks. But its not safe for him to stay there and he is not comfortable with my small room with out aircon, untill we look some condo for rent.

And now we stay together. He is planning to live in asia with me. We dont have more plan about to each other in the future but I know and I feel it that we are a couple that stay long together and forever hopefully. I’m happy that everyday we been together. He is very sweet and loving person,caring and understanding even if sometimes we have misunderstanding but he try to understand me. I love him my boyfriend, my soulmate, my love, my baby, my friend, and my best friend. He is my mentor, he teach me about his job and I learn a lots of things with him.


I share my story to inspire people,to all transgender girls that we must wait for the right time and in the right man.We must to be true to ourself and be serious. There are people who really care us and who really accept us and who really love us.


I’m sharing this story of love I found online to prove that it can actually happen and that Love knows no Gender, Age and Distance. If you want to find a serious relationship just visit this DATING SITE.



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