I am Transwoman!


I’m proud to say that I’m a transwoman, since birth I know who I am. They know that I am different to other kids because my playmate are girls and my toys are doll. I don’t like to play with boys when they playing at the garden. 



I start my transition when I’m in high school, the age of 12. Some of my outfit are for girls. I start to use lipstick, powder and I try to tied my short hair. 🙂 I love to wear high heels. I remember that there’s a program in school a role play and I am wearing a girls dress,i transform on that moment . Its my first time to do that and I feel that I’m very happy, like my ambition come true.

Roxy Delantar Dahonan 2014
Roxy 2014
Roxy Delantar Dahonan 2015
Roxy 2015


HRT transformation: from alien to become human frog 🙂 kidding!

When I am 16 years old started taking some cheapest pills(micropill) and I am wearing a girls dress everyday, I love make up, I love heels. I join some pageants for fun too! My hair becomes long. After some years my body become soft,smooth, feminine curvy body too. And now trying to take some hormones that’s advisable with the right dosage. Too much taking hormones without prescription of doctors can harm to body especially to liver. Look my transition that there is a progressive and improvement. Just like also in number one dating site for trans oriented men and transwomen. Meet beautiful and decent transwoman now.


My problem is I need to cut my hair again because when I apply work in agency will not accept long hair,at first i doubt to do that  and I am sad because it makes me ugly when I am in short hair. Some companies now they accept already some transgender to work without discrimination like in a BPO industry.

But now so far I’m currently working as a saleslady in RTW shop in sunshine mall completely pretty femenine transgender lets say haha 🙂 but yes I am proud to say that I am sexy and pretty haha 🙂


Were six in the family and I’m the 2nd child. Next is my only one sister and the rest is all my brothers. My eldest bro have already family and also my sister, so now I’m a breadwinner of the family.

When I was a kid I didn’t grow up to my parents because my grandma take good care with me so I stay at the house of my lolo and lola, I don’t have a problem with my family they accept me as who I am and very supportive. It makes me happy when my auntie bought some sexy shorts and sexy dress. They like me to be a girl so much. I’m very thankful to my family.

And now I help my parents too I can’t stand to see my parents that seeking for help, I have a good heart with them.

Me and my beautiful mom ever
FAMILY PICTURE from left to right : tito,roxy,mom,cousin,youngest bro Taken during my vacation in Leyte


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