Beautiful Transgender in Asia

We all know that there are many pretty beautiful gorgeous Asian transgender in our community now special to mention in the Philippines. If you want to read and take a look of a Famous Transgender woman in the Philippines. Professional, Talented, Creative and Successful transwoman, I’ll make some post of beautiful transgender who join some pageants, a transgender who are successful in their life, before I proceed I need to advise to all men that hesitating to date to a transwoman that please stop all your doubts,dont hesitate to express your feelings I know there are men’s that attracted to a transwoman but they are shy to show with their feelings,my advice is acceptance! If you really accept your woman you dont shy and ignore some people what they say because its a kind of ignorance to judge a person without you know him or her personally,so guys, start your dating to transwoman now! there are many beautiful and sexy ladies around you,many pretty and gorgeous trans in our community now,so open your eyes open your heart and stop your doubts! Meet your one and only beautiful and decent transwoman here. Just click this link.

My advise also to my trans sister that don’t stop searching your soulmate,don’t be tired and don’t give up! Everyone deserves to be love and each one of us theres a right man for us! So if you don’t want to be single forever just search and search untill the right man comes. Always to be true and do your best and be honest 🙂

So here we go I know guys that your excited now to read and to look my blog about beautiful transgender in asia.



She’s a successful transwoman in the Philippines, businesswoman she own a dental clinic and a luxury salon in BGC. Before she become a successful businesswoman she’s working abroad in Japan and  Macau she’s a model. She joining some pageants too before she worked abroad. She have ambition in life and now she own of some condo unit in some exclusive place. She use her money wisely and she’s one of inspiration of all transgender in the Philippines.    FB_IMG_1446697417346maxresdefault

She also featured in TV GMA, about her lifestyle and telling about her story before untill she become a successful transwoman. Here is the link :



She graduated in University of the Philippines Diliman a multilingual of European language, and now she’s the title of Miss International Queen 2015 held in Thailand,

Miss Brazil 1st runner up, Miss Philippines MIQ2015,Miss Thailand 2nd runner up

2nd winner for the said pageant after Kevin Balot who’s the title of MIQ 2012, she’s one of the winner Super Sereyna2014 in Eat Bulaga TV shows pageant and winner of Miss Gay Manila 2015 . Shes very beautiful Talented and shes also a businesswoman own of Restaurant and Catering shop. And now she have a loving filipino boyfriend FB_IMG_1446702686579 they are a lovely couple. I salute to her boyfriend for showing there relationship in public. Art sta Ana your brave, I hope men will become brave too for not hiding there relationship or for dating to a transwoman.

FB_IMG_1446702461630  Here is the full video of Miss International Queen 2015:    MISS INTERNATIONAL QUEEN 2015




She a transwoman that never change her name,she didn’t have alias. Shes a title holder Miss International Queen 2012 in thailand. FB_IMG_1446784861316




She’s famous in the Philippines she is a beauty queen she win the title super sereyna 2013 and one of the representative of miss international queen 2015



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