This blog will helps to everyone to know some kinds of hormones. Male to female (transwoman) means born male but with the help of hormones there’s potential to become feminine and one of a beautiful transwoman in the Philippines.


Hormonal Replacement Therapy or HRT is a Transition from male to female for transgender to become transsexual. It changes the balance of sex hormones in the body. Some intersex people also receive HRT,either starting in childhood to confirm the assigned sex, or later, if this asignment has proven to be incorrect.

Its purpose is to help to develop the person of what desired sex she wants. It helps to become feminine and changes in the body figure and also behaviour. There are some kinds of oral pills and there are also some injectable hormones that helps for TRANSITION.


The transformation from male to female to become feminine it takes time. It’s not like that when you take today then right away you become a goddess. It takes months and years of transition to achieve the goals,estrogen is the hormones that helps to increase the female hormones in a transwoman and anti androgen this are the kinds of hormones that helps to block for masculine look and lessen to grow some hairs.

Some TS when they take pills are more than one tab everyday which is very wrong they take more because they think that more tab they take is more effective. My advice to all transwoman much better to see a doctor before your HRT to avoid healthy problems because too much take of pills can damage to our liver. Prevention is better than cure lets say. 🙂


Here are some example of oral pills hormones:

Micropil for beginners
images (1)
images (2)

nina, diane35, oc and preme are example of estrogen and anti androgen. Mostly TS must take 1 tab per day before bedtime in selected pills what they like.

progynova,premarin,prosexol,estromon and ldb are belongs to pure estrogen contain. TS must take prosexol or premarin 1/2 tab every 5days.

hyles and androcur are belongs of pure anti androgen contain. TS must take 1/2 tab every 5days of androcur or depends to your doctor prescriptions.

Some TS also try with combo like 1/2 of prosexol which is pure estrogen plus 1/2 of androcur which is pure anti androgen this is only my example of combo it means combining of estrogen and anti androgen.

Here are some example of injectable hormones:

425444_282682341800000_100001747081049_703812_595207180_n oestrainjimagessehat-com-pk-proiuton-inj-200mg-3-s__03434_zoomthese are the injectable hormones, mostly TS doing once a week of depot and some combo of oral pills.

How did you know that the hormones you take absorb in the body?

These are the few changes or effects and results of taking a hormones:

  1. When you feel pain in boobs and it grow a little
  2. Less libido or no passion for sex
  3. Longer time of taking can’t cum or few fluid comes out
  4. Slow growing of hair in body
  5. Feminine look
  6. Blooming
  7. Behaviour and emotional always

Being a transwoman is not a choice indeed it’s real to show the world for who we are. Meet more beautiful and decent transwoman now.


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  1. Johnny

    dorlene bust cream will itch the skin of the breast near the nipple. While ldb will change your whole body into a female figure. From head to toe. There is no side effect at all.


  2. Veronica

    Hello I’m confused I’m starting in hrt. Should i take 1/2 of premarin + 1/2 of hyle in 5 consecutive days every week or just 1 day and after the next 5 days? Thank u.


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