What is the different or definition of PRE-OP, POST-OP and NON-OP Transwoman? Do you have an idea what is this? So where you belong? And are you ready for SRS? What is SRS?

Hello everyone! I’m proud to say that I belong in pre-op transgender woman, no SRS yet but undergo for HRT procedure. Know why I’m pre op? Simply because someday I want SRS.

So lets start guys,

What is pre op?

Pre-op transwoman means not undergone SRS yet or it means still have the male genitalia.

What is post op?

Post op transwoman means if your already undergone SRS simply from the word itself post it means after, so meaning to say undergone for SRS already.

What is non op?

Simply a transwoman that don’t like undergoing SRS or no plan for  undergoing SRS they are comfortable with their male genitalia.

What is SRS?

SRS stand for sex reassignment surgery or simply it means sex change. Pre op, post op and non op its just all about SRS, and these 3 terminology has nothing to do about hormones, closet wear and breast implants.

All these terminolgies are all related about transwoman. so guys are you ready to meet a transwoman in Philippines now? Meet our beautiful and decent transwoman now.


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  2. bebAEY

    Hi I just want to know how to achieve the transgender look. What are they doing to transform themselves into a perfect lady look? What kind if pills do they take.


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